About Me

Hi, I'm David Ramos. After a decade-long career in higher education, I pivoted to mastering SEO.

It's allowed me to build a balanced life while working remotely on incredible projects and with amazing people.

This blog is where I share my favorite resources, insights, and strategies as I stay atop the ever-changing field of content marketing and search engine optimization.

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Education & Certifications

BA in Classics from Cleveland State University
MA in Religious Studies from Ashland University
MEd in Instructional Design from Western Governors University

Google Analytics Certified
HubSpot Certified in SEO and Content Marketing
Career Wins

Sold 250,000+ books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Grew multiple affiliate marketing channels to 5-figure income sources.

Worked with top companies to develop and implement their content strategy.
Personal Life

My wife, Bre, is a brilliant UX Researcher.

We have a morkie named Ajax.

Home is in Cleveland, Ohio.
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