[Update #1] Blogging on Ghost

It's time to share my latest project.

Two years ago I stumbled upon a tool that would change my life.

Okay, maybe not my entire life. But at the very least the work portion of it! I moved a collection of articles to Ghost and immediately fell in love with the platform.

A few months later, I joined their team in an official capacity as their Staff Writer. Now, I still get to support them by writing their weekly newsletter (that people are low-key obsessed with #humblebrag).

As I continue to grow my SEO knowledge and skills (currently as a Senior SEO Analyst at one of the largest privately held companies in the US), I'm even more impressed with the potential of Ghost.

So, to help illustrate what I'm seeing I'm going to join the #BuildingInPublic trend. Here are a few details.

  • Over the next year, I plan to build multiple Ghost sites and grow them to a certain subscriber or revenue level.
  • The plan is to monetize in three ways: subscription income, ads, and affiliate marketing.
  • I'll share everything for RamosWriter.com, but only the metrics & strategies for the other sites (traffic, revenue, best practices, etc.). Apparently sharing a URL or niche just invites unwanted competition 😅.
  • The main traffic source for all of them will be SEO, at least in the beginning. Why? Because I believe this is one area Ghost site owners can beat WordPress (and others) right out of the box, any day of the week. There is no better tool for beginners.  

Numbers for Site #1: RamosWriter.com

Screenshot from Plausible Analytics
Screenshot from Plausible Analytics
Average pageviews per month: 10,000
Average monthly ad revenue: $240
Affiliate revenue: TBD
Current member count: 652

I've only had this website for about a year, but growth has been consistent.

We reached around 1,000 visitors per month within the first 90 days and saw a few articles get significant attention on HackerNews and Reddit which boosted the overall social signals for my content.

During the summer, I 301 redirected an aged domain to RamosWriter and saw an immediate improvement in both traffic and domain authority within 30 days. If you don't know what that last sentence means — this is exactly the kind of strategies I want to talk about in these updates.

I also created a bit of link bait that I want to break down in-depth in a future update.

TLDR: This is the fastest I've ever had a website project grow. If you can name a blogging platform/website builder, I've probably used it. So, seeing numbers like this gets me excited because I know it's only the beginning.

Member-Only Updates

Going forward, these weekly updates will be member-only — meaning you'll have to subscribe to read them. But don't worry, they'll remain free.

👋 See you next week.

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