Best Articles

Below you'll find several collections of our best articles, organized by topic. I update this page quarterly, so be sure to check back to see what readers have found most helpful!

Writing Tips

Writing is about more than just getting words onto a page. If you actually want your work to get read (and then loved) my collection of writing tips will help. To start, here are two reader favorites.

  1. The 7 ways I make $ on the internet
  2. The myths surrounding six-figure writers

Writing Jobs

There is a lack of good information online about the career paths and options for writers. When I left my career in higher education, I had to learn the hard way what writing jobs existed, how much they paid, and how different industries worked. Now, I want to pass that information along to others.

  1. Best content marketing resources for absolute beginners
  2. Here's everything I wrote in 2021

Writing Tools

In my work as a writer, I stumble upon new software, books, and writing tools regularly. The best ones end up captured on this blog. Here are two that have garnered great reactions from readers.

  1. My favorite Product Hunt finds of 2021
  2. 5 actionable lessons for creators from Davidson's The Passion Economy
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