Best Articles

Below you'll find several collections of our best articles. I update this page regularly, so be sure to check back to see what readers have found most helpful!

Top 5 most visited pages

To begin, here are the five most popular articles on this site according to the number of website visitors. I use Plausible Analytics to track this information and share the numbers publicly in each monthly report (subscribe if you'd like to see them).

  1. How to easily read 50+ books a year: 10 tips to read more
  2. The 10 best chess books (According to a ranked master)
  3. Why so many startup success stories end in tragedy
  4. Growth marketing vs Product marketing vs Brand marketing
  5. The 7 ways I make $ on the internet

Writing resources

Next, here is the most linked-to article by category. My goal with this site is to make it a trusted resource for any person looking to pursue a writing-related career, and every post furthers that mission in some small way.

How long does it take to write 500 words (My results)
The real numbers might surprise you.
Top writing tips article.
The 7 things I write in my notebook as a professional writer
Looking to fill an empty notebook? Here’s how I do it.
Top writing tools article.
Author vs Writer: The truth about why they’re different
Here are all the differences you should know about.
Top writing jobs article.

Best books

Finally, I'm currently working through a series where I recommend ~5 books on a variety of subjects. I've read a book a week for over a decade now, so I've got a good sense of what makes a text worth reading. Plus, for the categories I'm not as familiar with — I'll be relying on experts in my network!

If there's a subject you've been wanting to learn more about, just click on one of the links below to get started.

Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Hemingway Self Help for Men
Astrology Digital Marketing Law of Attraction Spiritual
Chess Emotional Intelligence LSAT Prep Startups
Climate Change Financial Literacy Marketing Stock Trading
Coaching For Twenty-Somethings MCAT Prep Stoicism
Communication Greek Mythology
Meditation Success
Content Marketing Grief Negotiation
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