Best Articles

Below you'll find several collections of our best articles. I update this page regularly, so be sure to check back to see what readers have found most helpful!

Top 5 most visited pages

To begin, here are the five most popular articles on this site according to the number of website visitors. I use Plausible Analytics to track this information and share the numbers publicly in each monthly report (subscribe if you'd like to see them).

  1. The 10 best chess books (According to a ranked master)
  2. Growth marketing vs Product marketing vs Brand marketing
  3. An author's perspective on how to find good books to read
  4. On making small bets
  5. The wrong way to start a blog (& what to do instead)

Writing resources

Next, here are the three overarching categories that make up this site. My goal is to make it a trusted resource for any person looking to pursue a writing-related career, and every post furthers that mission in some small way.

Writing Tools - Writing Tips by David Ramos
Want to upgrade your writing output and ability? Here you’ll find in-depth book summaries, real-time experiment findings, and newly released software tool reviews. Everything you need to simplify and scale your writing career.
Writing Jobs - Writing Tips by David Ramos
This collection will help you learn how to make money as a writer. There are many career paths available (SEO, content strategy, journalism, freelance, technical writing, etc.). But it can be confusing to navigate. My resources will give you a clear path forward.
Writing Tips - Writing Tips by David Ramos
Become the writer you’ve always wanted to be by learning tips on strategy, grammar, publishing, monetization, and more. Learn from experienced writers who know what they’re doing and have achieved the success you’re after.
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